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 Thomas Anderson.

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PostSubject: Thomas Anderson.   Thomas Anderson. Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 12:46 am

Name: Thomas Anderson. (Habbo Name: Thomas-Anderson).

Gender: Male.

Age: 19.

Features: Slightly Curled Black Hair, Green Eyes, Handsome, Slightly Muscular Build.

Clothing: Reasonably Priced Clothes, Polished Black Shoes, Red Silk Shirt, Cotton Pants.

Likes: Ladies, Art; (In Perticular: Painting And Sketching), Nice People, Smart People.

Dislikes: Stupid People, Greedy People, Harsh Thieves, Muggers, Rapists.

Personality: Pleasant, Well Tempered, Outgoing, Kind, Heroic.

Weapons: Dagger, Longsword, Drawing Materials, Bag, Portrait Stand, Canvasses.

Hobbies: Painting, and Flirting With The Ladies.

Class In Society: Craftsmen; Artist.

Talents: Drawing, Painting, Swordsmanship.

Bio: Thomas spent his early years with his parents in Rome. After they died in a house fire when he was 14, he left Rome and began to travell the world. He made money by Painting and Sketching pictures and selling them to Nobles and Civilians. He did this until his Current Age.
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Thomas Anderson.
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