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 Jaiden.... (Militia Member)

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PostSubject: Jaiden.... (Militia Member)   Jaiden.... (Militia Member) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 10:32 am

Habbo name: Prettyboy:2


Name: Jaiden
Age: 14
Social Class: Militia (Going to eventually quit the Militia and become evil)
Pets: (None)
Family members: (None)
Likes: The Wealthy
Dislikes: Good guys and other Militia members
Fears: None
Personality: He has a really perfect outside personalty but is really quiet. Inside he is a demon waiting to explode from the situation at hand.
Jaiden.... (Militia Member) Reaper_IV_by_ReaperIV_Fanclub

History: He was a certain young boy when he found out that he had no use to his life at all. He went all the way over to the militia try outs when he got accepted into the Militia.
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Jaiden.... (Militia Member)
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