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 Mario Engio Forte' "The II"

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PostSubject: Mario Engio Forte' "The II"   Mario Engio Forte' "The II" Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 3:38 pm

Habbo name:Micheal-Capuzi

Name:Mario Engio Forte'
Social Class:Crafts Man
Picture:Mario Engio Forte' "The II" 70321854.T8xwJCrL
Pets: Aarti
Breed: Cane Corso
Picture:Mario Engio Forte' "The II" Cane-corso-2
Family members: All Deceased
Likes:Model Woman, Bow Hunting,Weapons making,Armour Making
Dislikes:Fat Ugly Woman,Merchants
Fears: Fat Ugly Woman
Personality: Smart, Jerk, Cocky, Determinde

History: Mario Engio Forte' "The II" Was Born in San Morino Italy. His Great Grand Father Was a Well known Craftsman in the land. Many Assasins Would ask his Great Grandfather For Weapons on there Next Objectives and Advice. Mario's Father Was Also a Craft's man. He Moved to Siena Italy when he was a Young Boy. Working as a Farmer at the Time Mario's Father openend a Small Black smithing Shop is the market District of Siena. At the age of 26 He had a Child Named Mario Engio Forte "The Second" , Named after his GrandFather. Mario's Father Died at the age of 39 From the Remnents of the Black Plegue. Mario Moved with his Mother to Florence Italy. Mario's Mother Owned a Large bakery (From the Wealth of His Father and Great Grand father). She was very Sucsefull and lived till the age of 50. The Bakery Imediatly Shut Down Due to Lack of Employee's. Mario Then Set off Building Armour for Young Spire's Traning to become Knight's. He Gained Enough Money to open a Smith Shop on the outskirts of Florence. He is Becoming Well known and Is one of the Top Craftsmen in Florence.

Themesong(optional): GTA SA Theme Song Smile[/b]
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Mario Engio Forte' "The II"
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