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 The Irishman in Italy

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The Irishman in Italy Empty
PostSubject: The Irishman in Italy   The Irishman in Italy Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 12:34 am

Habbo name: Sean-OBrian


Name: Francis McFeral
Age: Mid-Twenties to Early Thirties
Social Class: Craftsman ; Painter
Pets: N/A
Family members: N/A
Likes: Italian Cuisine, The Arts, Fine Music, Dancing, Elegance, Scenery
Dislikes: The Government, Rules against Art [Any kind].
Fears: Dying, Disease, Famine, Finding out his Dark Secret
Personality: Eccentric, Deep, and Opinionated
Picture(optional): N/A

History: Frank came from Ireland about a year ago, looking for a new beginning and a "change of scenery" from Ireland to the beautiful lands of Italy. Deep into his art, he snuck aboard a merchant ship coming over to trade, and made way to Italy, leaving behind all of his "troubles" in Ireland. Finally arriving in Italy, he established a place to keep his things and stole a few items from the ship to get him started in his new life.

Themesong(optional): [Might Add One Later]
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The Irishman in Italy
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