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 Giuseppe Malakai

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Habbo name: :.40cal.:


Name: Giuseppe Malakai
Age: 20.
Social Class: Holy Member of the Roman-Catholic Church, Educator.
Pets: One Raven, Trusty Steed.
Family members: Desmond Malakai, Unknown Relation.
Likes: Educating Children, Religion.
Dislikes: Wiccan, Paganism.
Fears: Being Assassinated.
Personality: Calm, Blue eyed - Blonde hair fellow, He is a very nice man, and was just recently inducted to the church.
Picture(optional): (Silas from The " Da Vinci Code "

History: 19 Years ago, Giuseppe was baptised into the Roman Church, Fifteen years later, He was made a prominent member of the Church
Dedicated, to all his work - Then, three years later, He recieved full Membership within the Church ( Access to the Vatican )
He was sent to this land to convert and promote the Catholics.

Themesong(optional): N/A.
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Giuseppe Malakai
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