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 Atlas "Templar" Venuet

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PostSubject: Atlas "Templar" Venuet   Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:26 pm

Habbo name: Luciev

Name: Atlas Venuet, nicknamed the "Templar".
Age: 28
Social Class: Noble
Pets: Horse
Family members: Killed at a young age, brought in by royalty.
Likes: To enforce peace, not keep it.
Dislikes: Thugs, thiefs, failures of the social economy.
Fears: Fears nothing.
Personality: Cocky, sarcastic, respects higher ranks.

His family killed and set aflame at a young age, Atlas was brought into a family of Royalty and turned into a Noble at the age of 25. He is considered one of the most experienced and skilled in his bloodline, and his finesse with the blade rivals any Kings.
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Atlas "Templar" Venuet
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