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Back in the old times of DiVinci, sorry, he ain't here.
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PostSubject: -Alexander.   -Alexander. Icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2009 12:28 am

Habbo name: -Obliteration


Social Class: Theif
Pets: A Raven
Family members: None, All Deceased
Likes: Fighting, Scheming, Resting, and Relaxing
Dislikes: Rich People, Cocky and Arrogant people, people who don't see the bad in the land
Fears: None are known.
Personality: Very quiet, but easily angered. He does what he needs to when he needs to. He observes other peoples actions.

-Alexander. Hooded_Man_II

History: Alexander's past is very blurry. At some point He was trained to fight and had good money for lessons. Next thing that was known he was poor and alone. He used his fighting skills to earn himself money. THe only other things known about his history is that he has a strong care for a raven and they have been together a while.
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